My Approach

Sometimes it is difficult to describe what happens in these groups because they are not like anything that most people experience in their daily lives, yet they contain the richness of all that is precious and all that is difficult in daily life.

Often in life, we sacrifice feeling connected in order to maintain our dignity, or we feel we must give up our dignity, our unique sense of self, to be included or to be intimate.

My work as a group leader is to establish an atmosphere in the group that is safe and non-judgmental. The group is characterized by learning to be in an atmosphere of mutual connection, a state where "you" can be fully you, and "I" can be fully me despite any differences that we may have. when this is so, we both can be in contact, meeting in a place of curiosity and openness. We can let our defenses dissolve. When that happens, the extraordinary can occur. This is wonderfully described by this poem by Rumi:

Out beyond ideas of
right doing and wrongdoing
there is a field.
I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about
ideas, language, even the phrase,
Each other
Doesn't make any sense.

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