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Ailish Schutz is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, coach, and consultant. Her education was informed by studies in English Literature, Oriental Philosophy, Buddhist Studies and Humanistic Psychology as an undergraduate at U. C. Berkeley and Sonoma State University. She received a Masters Degree in Counseling and Holistic Studies at New College in San Francisco. She has studied and practiced many approaches to healing and working with groups as well as approaches to body-oriented Psychotherapy over the past 40 years. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California since 1994.

In 1978 she met Will Schutz at Antioch University in San Francisco. In 1983 they became a couple as well as business partners, bringing to life Will Schutz Associates. Their 20 years together were spent developing WSA, its products and intellectual property, client base, licensee program and international network. Along with a group of talented hearty associates among them, Ron Luyet, Judi Bell, Don White, Homy Barton and Gary Copeland, Ailish and Will practiced and attempted to live the work that they were co-creating as they evolved it into a business. Being that it was a small unfunded company Ailish wore every hat from marketing, sales, training, coaching, consulting, client account development, staff and trainer development to pulling rabbits out of hats when absolutely necessary. The Human Element technology continues to flourish and has been translated into 18 languages and licensed in 20 countries. It remains the gold standard for executive and team development.

Will and Ailish sold WSA to Business Consultants of Japan in 2001. Ailish stayed on as President after Will's death in 2002 until 2004.

In late 2003 Ailish founded Ayni Projects,, a non profit organization whose primary focus has been to create projects that are models in assisting the poor in the area of education, healthcare and elder care in Peru as well as supporting projects of various Peruvian artists, musicians and writers.

During her time working in Peru, Ailish has traveled and studied with various curenderos and shamans from the Andes to the Amazon learning about and experiencing the healing rituals and ceremonies of these ancient cultures. She has studied sound healing with Peruvian sound healer, Tito La Rosa since 2003 and has co produced 5 CD's with him under their SerpenteAlada label.

About her work, Ailish Says:
I like to create spaces and contexts where people can expand their vistas and get relief from their self limiting beliefs. When working with individuals or with groups or teams I like to invite a deeper dialogue within and without using play, sound, story, ritual and ceremony. This work allows us to invite a little magic to enter our consciousness thereby assisting us to shake off our fears and dance a little deeper into the terrain of our hearts where we can find healing, and where we can find and nourish our dreams so that they can be reborn.

Ailish brings her wealth of experience, wisdom and cross-cultural understanding to the Green Zone Culture Group where she is helping to create a new set of technologies to support personal and organizational development.

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