Viaje a Los Origenes Tour
April 27 through May 5, 2019
Cusco Peru

Dear Tito La Rosa aficionados and people who like deep Inner and Outer Journeys,

I am happy to announce an intimate tour, (only 8 to 10 people), that Tito and I will be conducting to the Sacred Valley of Cusco Peru, April 27 through May 5, 2019. We will be visiting sacred archeological sites while at the same time embarking on a journey within ourselves to our origins. Using the Natural World, Sound and the Cosmovision of the Andes as our guide, we will take what could be the journey of a lifetime. Please join us if you feel so moved. Included in our time together, Tito will teach us how to work in a shamanic way with sound. The details you will find below. For further information feel free to call me at (415) 990-9042 or via email at

Nos vemos en los Andes!

Ailish Schutz

* This is a Ailish Schutz & Tito La Rosa tour and is not sponsored by Ayni Projects.

You can flip thru our brochure or download the .pdf document below.

Download .pdf Brochure

File name: Viaje_A_Los_Origenes_Spring_2019.pdf

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A Little About Me

Ailish Schutz, is the Founder of Ayni Projects,, Chaupin: Centro de Sabituria Natural, and was the Co-Founder of Will Schutz Associates now Business Consultants Network Inc. She has 30 years of experience in the field of Human Relations Consulting and has alone and with her late husband, Will Schutz has been a successful entrepreneur. Her educational background is in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Humanistic Psychology, and Counseling. She has extensive experience working with groups, teams, and individuals as a facilitator, coach, and healer.

Her work is currently focused on the exploration of cross-cultural spiritual and healing traditions and the preservation of indigenous wisdom.


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