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Tito La Rosa Tour - October 17-23, 2019!

Viaje al Corazon del Sonido

Journey to the heart of Sound


About Tito La Rosa

Ancient Andean wisdom teaches us that the earth was made while the creator sang, thus all beings are made of sound, rhythm and harmony. Andean musician, composer, recording artist and sound healer Tito La Rosa returns to the bay area. Through his concerts, flower ceremonies and music classes La Rosa helps reawaken our memories - weaving sounds into frequencies that open the heart and encourage the spirit to soar.

La Rosa, a descendent of Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes, has spent thirty years recovering and preserving, studying, and intuiting the ancestral music of Peru. Tito is a Curandero de Sonido – sound healer. When performing ritual and ceremony for healing, he enters into parallel worlds to bring forth sound that elevates the vibration of an individual and allows for healing and balance to occur.


Hermanos Shamanicos with Tito La Rosa and Ian Dogole
with invited guest René Jenkins

Saturday Night, October 19th, 8pm - Petaluma

$35. per person.
Refreshments will be provided.

Munay, Canto a la Amor, with Tito La Rosa and Gary Malkin
With invited guest René Jenkins

Wednesday Night, October 23rd, 8pm - Petaluma

$35. per person.
Refreshments will be provided.

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Flower Ceremonies

What is a Flower Ceremony?

"Imagine that outside of the limits of time space and history that Kokepelli is standing before you in you living room..

You are in a room filled with candles and you have invited 14 or so of your best friends and family for you are not sure what. You have been told to not eat for 2 hours before so that you are feeling light and open and curious. He begins to set up his altar. He lays out the ancient beautifully woven tapestries from high in the Andes. On them he places with loving respect the sacred objects that represent the four directions and the four elements. He lays out his many instruments, his condor bone and condor feather flutes, his charango the patuto (conch shell) his 2000 year old ceramic antara, along with the new wind wand, a gift from a friend in California. As he does this he appears to be in his own meditative trance except that occasionally he looks up and peers at a members of the audience with silent intent. Eventually he has his mesa just the way it is supposed to be and interestingly enough the feeling in the room has changed from restless curiosity to a gentle expectant stillness. He stands, his face is serene, seemingly in prayer he holds the conch to his mouth with one hand and raises the other hand to the sky as he begins to call in the spirits of nature, the spirits of the elements and of the four directions. The room is filled with a vibration that raises the frequency of everyone in it. The ceremony has begun and with it time stops as we are transported into the sound, into ourselves connected to each other.” - Ailish Schutz

La Challah de Flores. Handed lovingly down from the Q’ero Nation of Peru, Tito La Rosa gives to us the legacy of the Flower Ceremony. Steeped in the tradition of Munay (to be in the service of unconditional love) and invoking the Pachamama (Mother Earth), he transforms the music from his ancient instruments into a healing medium.

This healing ceremony can last between 4-5 hours . Tito enters into the plane of no time, where the power of love and healing also know no limits. If you have something to let go of, something to mend, a prayer to send out, or something to celebrate, this is a time to seed your own healing and transformation. The ceremony is unlike anything you have ever experienced. (Limited to 16 people) more information.

Thursday, October 17th, 7pm - Petaluma
Monday, October 21st, 7pm - Petaluma
Tuesday, October 22nd, 7pm - Petaluma
$150. per person. (Sliding scale from $100 to $150, Call Ailish)

If these prices are not affordable for you you can call Ailish so that we can perhaps work something out.

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Group Sound Healing Session with Tito

This is a shamanic sound bath.

"Sound as a portal opens doors that were sealed.
It connects you with your ancient wisdom and brings forth your ancestral memories so you can recognize them.
You can then remember who you are, what is your lineage and what is your legacy.
Sound as seed allows you to cultivate the warmth in your chest so that you can allow it to open and glow.
It lets you build your own history make your own path. Luminous vibration can connect you to the divine and with your essence.
Sound as invisible energy fills you with strength, awakens your inner Warrior, connects you with your center so that you can make the major changes that you need to make in your life.”
- Tito La Rosa

Come settle into a sofa or chair or lie on the carpet and pillows and enter a shamanic field of healing sounds that take you deeply within. Let the sounds penetrate where they need to go to affect healing on all levels.

Friday, October 18th, 7:30pm - Petaluma

$55. per person.

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Studying with Tito
Los Nueve Portales Sonoros de la Tradicion

Curación con sonidos Ancestrales del Antigua Peru Un Tailler de formación, trabajando desde el shamanico.
Healing with Ancestral sounds of Ancient Peru. A workshop on working from the Shamanic.

The Nine Sound Portals of the Tradition:

In our tradition sound was considered a PORTAL, and the musical instruments were considered living beings, with spirit, that related the invisible world with the visible world, the divine with human and nature.

In this workshop we will work with the 9 portals of the tradition (proposal of the School of Sounds - Peru, by Tito La Rosa). Through different sound deities, we will work with the vibrations of the musical instruments, luminous vibrations that link you with the sacred which lead you to open doors that were closed, that connect you with your essence, the essence of MUNAY, love. Sound is regenerative vibration, it brings you closer to your roots, to your ancient memory, vibrates in different parts of your physical and spiritual body. Your body is the temple of sound, your organs and your cells are sounding boxes, they respond to their vibration, they heal and regenerate by receiving this luminous vibration. Living beings are great receptors of energy and sound vibration, so sounds have the virtue of activating and harmonizing our energy fields. Our cells are intelligent, they listen, they vibrate, they are aware, they know what their function is, they light up and they can regenerate through sound.

We will work from the heart of sound, sound as an expression of love." - Tito La Rosa

Sunday, October 20th, 12pm - Petaluma

$140. per person.

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Call Ailish for information at 415-990-9042 or email at
Directions to event locations in Petaluma will be emailed on completion of registration.


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